George M. Khoury, Founder, 1900 - 1967

1900 - 1967

"The Khoury League
Is Interested In
The Child That
Nobody Else Wants"

The George Khoury Association of Baseball Leagues, Inc., as its contribution to the recreational life of countless communities throughout America and abroad, sponsors many amateur sports programs. Most prominent among these is Baseball ... our national pastime.

While the information on this site applies primarily to boys' baseball, much of its content also constitutes a vital part of the Association's guidance for other sports. We hope it will prove helpful to all who participate in the program; children and adults, participants and administrators.

2014 Rules for Baseball and Softball

Khoury League continues to make refinements to provide a better experience for players, parents, coaches, and leagues. For 2014, a number of changes have been made to the rules to streamline league operations and to provide additional flexibility in the creation of schedules.

Download: 2014 Baseball Rules - 2014 Softball Rules

2014 Age Division Eligibility
Birthdate Between Age Division
Sep 1 1998 and Aug 31 1999 Baseball - Junior Softball - Sophomore
Sep 1 1999 and Aug 31 2000 Baseball - Juvenile I Softball - Chic III
Sep 1 2000 and Aug 31 2001 Baseball - Midget II Softball - Chic II
Sep 1 2001 and Aug 31 2002 Baseball - Midget I Softball - Chic I
Sep 1 2002 and Aug 31 2003 Baseball - Bantam II Softball - Petite II
Sep 1 2003 and Aug 31 2004 Baseball - Bantam I Softball - Petite I
Sep 1 2004 and Aug 31 2005 Baseball - Atom II Softball - Pixie II
Sep 1 2005 and Aug 31 2006 Baseball - Atom I Softball - Pixie I

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History of the Association

Khoury Association Baseball had its beginning in St. Louis, Missouri in 1936 with two leagues of four teams each. The first games were played on Mother's Day in honor of Mrs. Khoury, who suggested to her husband George that he organize a baseball league.

The first Khoury League was started for the benefit of the three young sons of Mr. and Mrs. Khoury, and for the boys in their neighborhood. Interest rapidly spread and soon George Khoury was operating a baseball association for players in seven divisions from age seven on up.

The program expanded rapidly after World War II, first to the areas adjacent to St. Louis then to Illinois, Kentucky, Florida and other states. Organized Khoury Leagues are now active in many states and several foreign countries.

An important addition to the program came in 1958 when girls softball was included. Some Khoury Leagues, in addition to baseball and softball also include soccer, basketball, bowling and other sports.