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New Format for 2017 Season

Based on feedback collected at the August 2016 Season Review meeting of the South Central Illinois Division of Khoury Leagues, the 2017 season will follow a new format. It will begin one week earlier, on Monday, April 17, and will end two weeks earlier, on Sunday, June 18. Additionally, the playoff format will revert to a bracket format for all age divisions for which there are enough teams. All of the specifics are called out in the revised rules.

Khoury League™ Rules Revised

The Khoury League™ rules have been revised for the 2017 season to reflect the feedback gathered from member leagues. Major changes include the restructuring of the end-of-season playoffs to be more accommodating to families' busy schedules. There have also been several minor changes to simplify the rules, making them easier to understand, administer, and enforce.

Board of Governors Meeting

The Khoury League™ Board of Governors met on Saturday, November 5. During this meeting, the final Khoury League Rules for Baseball and Softball were reviewed and approved for use during the 2017 season. The 2017 Khoury League Calendar was also reviewed and approved.